Beamsplitter Limitations


The following photos show the effects of increasingly smaller lens openings (larger f/stops) on the center band of a beamsplitter image. These photos were taken with an SKF-1 beamsplitter on a 50mm lens.

f/4 f/5.6 f/8

Note that the center dark band increases with smaller lens openings (larger f/stops), limiting the the use of small f/stops for increased depth-of-field.


Note how, in the left-hand image, the magazine is smaller on the right side, and in the right-hand image, the image is smaller on the left side. Whether or not this is objectionable is somewhat subjective. This is keystone distortion. When the beamsplitter is used as a viewer, this distortion is cancelled out, but would be present, for example, in a photo taken with a beamsplitter but viewed without one, as in a beamsplitter print which is free-viewed. This photo was taken with an SKF-1 beamsplitter.

Rocky Mountain
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