"Hypostereo" refers to a stereo image which uses a smaller than normal stereo base (the distance between the left and right lenses). Recall that "normal" image separation is about 65 mm, so anything closer together than this is, by definition, hypostereo.

As a general rule, the smaller the distance to the subject, the more demanding the requirements for the equipment and technique. The basic requirements are as follows:

For the first two requirements, a regular stereo "slide bar" can be used, especially if the magnification is not very great. The following table suggests the base separation for proper hypo-stereo photography:

Metric English
Distance to Subject Lens Separation Distance to Subject Lens Separation
75 cm 5 cm 30" 2.0"
60 cm 4 cm 24" 1.6
45 cm 3 cm 18" 1.2"
30 cm 2 cm 12" 0.8"
15 cm 1 cm 6" 0.4"

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