Procedure: Adjusting lens infinity focus

Thanks to: Mike Watters

Disclaimer: This data is provided for informational purposes only. You must assess your ability to perform the operations described. Neither the individual contributor nor Rocky Mountain Memories assumes any responsibility for damage you may inflict on your camera by following these directions.

How to determine how far to screw in lenses: What you need to refocus the lenses on a reference object (preferably infinity) while the camera is open on Bulb. All you do is remove the lens locking rings (the little rings around the lenses that say (35mm f3.5 etc.). This lets you turn the lenses (independently) and NOT turn the outer rings. You then use a small piece of ground glass back in the film plane (I've also used scotch tape), open the shutter on bulb and turn the lens until you focus each lens. Then you turn the outer rings so they read "infinity" (assuming the object you focused was at infinity) and replace the locking rings.

Another way to set the lenses at infinity is to loosen the four small screws on the front rings of the Kodak's lenses. That lets the lenses turn independent of their collars. Once you get infinity set, you just tighten the screws into the lenses again.

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