Slide Bars for Single or Dual Cameras

Dual Ricohflex Slide Bar
Contributed by Greg Erker

The slidebar is made from 1x1" aluminum U-channel. The open side of the U-channel faces up, to allow for a 1/4-20 bolt for the tripod connection on the camera.

This slidebar is 16" long and I have another one that is 44" long. Each slider is held in place by two nylon 1/4-20 bolts (on the rear of each slider, not shown) that I just finger tighten. The wood used is hard maple, which works well because it is fine grained enough to be tapped for 1/4-20 threads.

The vertical wood piece holds the flash when I do SLR slidebar shots since you don't want the flash to move between shots. The flash bracket (a junk bin find) has a long slot in it so I can locate the flash directly over the camera if desired.

The cable release is an Olympus bellows release. One plunger comes out earlier to stop down the bellow's lens but there is some adjustment and one of the Ricohflex's needs more throw to trip the shutter, so it works well.

8' Hyper Slide Bar
Contributed by Greg Erker

Here is a photo of the 8 foot "slidebar" I built to take fireworks photos. I put quotes around the word slidebar since, as you can see, you can't actually slide the sliders. I ended up drilling holes every six inches to allow the thumbscrew under my slider to fit, rather than cutting the top off the ends to form a "U".

This gives me 1 foot increments in separation, assuming I move both cameras symetrically, or 6" if I only move one. So I can have separations of 36", 48", 60", 72", etc.

The tripods attach 2 feet in from each end so they are 4 feet apart which is reasonable for stability and allowing one person to operate the tilt function.

In this photo you can see the nylon screws which hold the sliders in place (mentioned in the slidebar description above).

Note: One drawback of this "C" shaped slider approach is that the slider does not encircle the slide bar --- thus you must be careful that you do not turn the slide bar upside down.

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