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The World of 3D

 Jacobus G. Ferwerda

This is the "bible" of 3D, with 27 chapters in 6 sections, covering 3D theory and practice, equipment, techniques, mounting, close-ups, projection, double exposure, trick 3D photography, and much more. Numerous illustrations and figures. Hardcover, 300 pages. 
"A book for every 3D enthusiast's library - beginner or expert!" - Paul Wing
"If you buy only one book on 3D photography, this should be the one!" - David Starkman and Susan Pinsky, Reel-3D Enterprises
W3D $49.50 1.8 lb
How to use and Maintain Your 
Stereo Realist
Plus an Introduction to
Stereo Photography

Dr. George A. Themelis (aka "DrT")

The hottest new book at the 1999 NSA convention in Green Bay, and the latest from the famous DrT!  130 pages with over 230 pictures, covers all aspects of using the Stereo Realist camera, Realist accessories and techniques, and information on Realist repair and modifications.  Also, basic photographic concepts and practical advice.  Detailed table of contents.  Self published; soft cover. UMSR $35  0.9 lb
The Chopping Block:  A beginner's guide to stereo camera hacking projects.

Michael Watters

Don't tackle that stereo photography project without this handy guide by your side!  Topics include making an anaglyph shooting lens for you SLR; expanding a stereo viewer for wide format (7P) slides; improving the FED; modifying the Nimslo; and building a wireless XA-2 twin camera rig.  Self published; soft cover. 59 pages.
Improved second printing now in stock!
CHOP $25 0.8 lb
"How to..." stereo viewer series

Dr. George A. Themelis (aka "DrT")

Complete details about how to maintain, repair, and improve your stereo viewer, from the world's foremost authority, DrT!  Choose any one or more of the books, each devoted to a particular viewer: Realist Red Button; Realist Green Button; Kodak Kodaslide I/II; or ViewMaster Model D.  Self published; soft cover. Note: price is per book. MRI-RB
$20 ea. 0.4 lb.
Updated Realist Manual

Dr. George A. Themelis (aka "DrT")

The original Realist manual, updated by DrT for today's films and changes in photography since the heyday of the Realist. UpdtRM $10 ?? lb.
3D Slide Mounting

 Harry zur Kleinsmiede

Harry has compiled the mounting information in "The World of 3D" into an easy-to-use set of instruction on stereo slide mounting, with illustrations of the various mounting errors which can occur. Soft cover, 24 pages  MtgGd  $12 0.1 lb

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