Full-Color Anaglyph "Overdrive" Poster
Numbered and Autographed by Artist

A unique, dual-sided anaglyph poster by award-winning stereo artist Boris Starosta! This large (20x30) poster, printed using process colors with offset lithography, is a great example of the potential of computer-generated stereoscopic art. It's also a rare example of an excellent-quality full-color anaglyph print!

One side depicts a futuristic cityscape, with airborne "automobiles." The other side is a closeup of a "Volvo" truck. You can view a jpeg version of the artwork online, but the digital display doesn't do justice to how good this poster really is. The actual poster is a big-time "Wow!" generator!

Don't miss this numbered and autographed poster!

Common red/cyan anaglyph glasses, such as those distributed with the recent Sports Illustrated 3D Swimsuit edition, are required to view in 3D. Artwork created for "Overdrive" magazine.

Stock # OD-LAP      $15.00

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