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A. General 3D Photo Lists - English Language

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This list is for discussion of true stereoscopic images. Computer generated image creation discussion is permitted, as long as it results in true (two eyed) depth representation. General topics of discussion include cameras, stereoview collecting/creation, stereoscopic displays, uses of true stereo imagery, and so forth. Y


This list is for buy/sell/swap of 3D photographic items. "Commercial" ads and notifications are permitted here. This list should be used to offer items rather than the main photo-3d list. Y


The tech-3d mailing list carries heavily technical discussions (optics, formulae, etc) of true 3D photographic imaging, usually math intensive. Y


A list for discussion of topics specifically related to Medium Format stereo images (Sputnik, twin 120 roll film cameras, etc).  See http://www.pauck.de/archive/mailinglist/mf3d/info.html for subscription instructions. UNH
anaglyph Anaglyphs are 3-D stereoscopic images that can either be printed in books, projected, or shown on a monitor. Special colored glasses are required to view them. Everything related to anaglyph 3-D stereo images is encouraged for discussion on this list. From collecting 3-D comic books to creating your own photographic anaglyphs! The list owner hopes this forum will help promote the often maligned art of anaglyph 3-D stereo imaging, and also have some fun in the process! Y
3DSalon The objective of this list is "to promote and encourage participation in stereo image exhibitions". Examples of postings that are acceptable: 1) Reminders of deadlines of Stereo Salons. 2) Posting of 3d salon results or web references where results can be found. 3) Details and encouragement on how to start a stereo salon. 4) Advice and feedback from organizers of stereo salons 5) Eyewitness reports from PSA Salon showings 6) Words of wisdom from judges 7) Questions and answers on topics related to stereo salons. - Discussions on stereo techniques are not really appropriate as there is another discussion list devoted to these issues (see photo-3d above), unless they are related to stereo exhibitions. Y
3D-Glamourphoto This is a forum to discuss the techniques and methods for producing 3D "stereographic" photos and videos of an artistic, adult, erotic, or glamour nature. Photographers and videographers can swap tips and discuss other issues related to the use of stereophotography in the fashion, glamour, artistic nude, erotic, or adult marketplace. The focus of this forum is on technique and methods discussion - portfolio exchanges are welcome. Models and photographers may post example images and the like. Y
macro3d This list is for discussing all topics related to macro stereo photography. This includes any camera set up from single SLR to RBT, DeWijs, and Ekeren attachments to SEM and light microscopes. Members are encouraged to post images in the files section to share with the group. Y
ViewMaster This list is dedicated to the discussion of View-Master and other 3-D Stereo subjects. If you are an avid collector or are even remotely interested in View-Master, please join this group. Please feel free to contact Mary Ann Sell for more info about joining this list or about View-Master history in general. We have weekly chat discussions on Thursdays from 8-9:30 p.m. EST. New collectors and old will benefit from this group. Y

B. General 3D Photo Lists - Non-English Language

List Description List Host
 images-stereo French Language 3D e-mail group. Y
3dfoto Spanish Language 3D e-mail group. Y
Holostereoitalia Italian Language 3D e-mail group. Y
Stereofotografie Dutch ("Netherlandish", "Hollandish") Language 3D e-mail group. Y

C. 3D Photo Equipment Lists

List Description List Host
RBTS1 Open to anyone but useful mainly to owners of the RBT S1 stereo camera - to discuss issues related to it. L
RBT.X3 Another specific RBT list.  UNH
New.3D.Film.Gear A list for those who have new, or want to talk about new 3D gear. There are several RBT users here. UNH

D. 3D Photo Club and Organization Lists

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3D-StereoviewXchange This group is a digital 3D photo exchange. On the first and fifteenth of each month, members are required to post original stereoviews. The First Series is freeform while the Fifteenth Series may be freeform, assigned theme, or sequence as announced each month. Images may be in *.jpg or *.jps format (the latter is preferred). Try to keep the image within 300K. Feel free to discuss images. If we get enough members, we will use the Polling function to vote for winning images each month for a Peer Award. Members of this group should be at least 18 years of age as some images may have Nudity and Adult content. Y
3rdAPEC Mailing list for members (and previous members who may participate again) of the 3rd incarnation of the Amateur Photographic Exchange Club who create and exchange their own 3D (stereoscopic) stereocards. Y
Cascade-SC The Cascade Stereoscopic Club, for people who are interested in stereo (3D) photography. Its primary focus is localized to Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas -- however the list is open to anyone with interest in 3D photography! Topics include discussion of general stereo photography, technology, announcement of local events, places begging to be photographed, announcements of camera related events, as well as anything else of possible interest to stereo photographers. Y
CenTex3D  Automated meeting notices for the Austin, Texas stereo photo club; announcements of local special events such as NSA South-Central Region get togethers and public slide shows. Y
ISU3D This forum is primarily for ISU members who wish to discuss events or issues related to the International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) such as congresses, international conventions, ISU related matters or any other aspect of stereoscopic photography directly or indirectly related to the interests of ISU members. The forum is open to anyone interested in the topic and you don't have to be an ISU member in order to participate. However, if you wish to become a member for only $20 a year and benefit from its many advantages, e-mail Shab Levy. Y
OSPS To discuss issues related to the Ohio Stereo Photographic Society (OSPS). Open only to OSPS members.  Club memberships are available. Y
SSA This list is open to Stereoscopic Society of America (SSA) members and non-members alike.  SSA is a non-profit organization, whose members circulate their stereo images (cards or slides) through postal folios.  E-mail or write to Shab Levy (Shab Levy, 6320 SW 34 Ave, Portland, OR 97201) for further details. Y
sscclub This is a Sydney Stereo Camera Club Members Only List. E-Mail membership is US$10 per year. Visit the SSCC website  for further information.

The club has a 20 page email and printed newsletter '3D Window' published 6 times per year. Members can download copies from the file section of this list. Non members can download a sample club bulletin from the Newsletter section of the club web site.

 SCSC The Stereo Club of Southern California has it's own Email group to discuss stereo photography and 3D events that are taking place in Southern California. Y
Vancouver Notices and announcements that will be of interest to Vancouver 3D club members (such as meetings or local events). e-Mail from this group is very minimal targeting only items of local importance. Y
v3d The Victorian 3D Society, a club based in Melbourne, Australia that brings together people interested in stereoscopic (3D) photography. This list is primarily for communication of club-based information between members. Y

E. Other Lists

The following lists are essentially inactive, but are listed here for sake of completeness.
List Description List Host
Print-3D Discussion list dedicated to topics related to the making of stereoviews - not slides. Due to lack of discussion, this discussion list is being terminated. Y
sd-3d This list is for computer specific discussions of true 3D images. Please place highly technical computer issues here rather than the main photo-3d list. Virtually no messages appear on this list. Y
stereo-photo This group is for discussion of stereo-photography and image making, and related subjects. Created as an 'anything goes' alternative to photo-3D. Y

List Host Abbreviation keys: Y = Yahoo Groups; UNH = University of New Hampshire

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