Standard Cardboard Mounts for Stereo (3D) Slides

We proudly introduce two new options for mounting your stereo slides: easy to use self-stick cardboard mounts, and improved heat seal cardboard mounts!

Free bonus!! (an RMM exclusive!)  Our boxes of 5P-N self-stick and heat seal mounts include a free bonus: four XRH (extra reduced height) mounts.  Give them a try and see how they can "save" an image that might otherwise be ruined by distracting elements, too much sky, someone's head in the foreground, ground objects that were too close to the camera, etc.!

Features common to both styles

Self-stick mounts

To finish the self-stick mount, peel off the release paper to reveal the adhesive, fold, and press closed.  For a quick-and-easy solid seal, place a heavy weight on top of the mounted slide while you work on the next image.   What could be easier?!  (Certainly not ironing the mount shut while gingerly trying to avoid melting your film with the heat of an iron!)  

Our self-stick mounts are a good choice for cost-savings when you are ready to move up from slip-in mounts. Although not reusable once sealed, they are attractively priced at less than 1/2 the cost of the Pegco slip-in mounts.  

Stock # Apertures
(W x H)
5P-N-SS 23 x 21.3 $7.50 / box (60) 0.52 lb
XRH-SS 16 x 22 $4 / box (30) 0.3 lb

Heat seal mounts

Heat seal mounts require a tacking iron, regular iron, laminator, or special-purpose mount sealing machine to seal.

While similar in some respects to other heat seal stereo mounts, our new mounts offer several advantages. As described above, they have a "register" (picture) instead of raised tabs to aid chip alignment.  In addition to easier control of the stereo window, the register system eliminates the substantial light leakage through the tabs of other heat seal mounts.  The heat seal material of this mount surrounds the film chip but does not touch it.  That makes remounting an image (e.g., in an RBT mount for projection, or after removing a film chip for scanning or duping) significantly easier. The pre-printed spotting dot eliminates the confusing situation as to which is the "front" side of other heat seal mounts.  

Stock # Apertures
(W x H)
Price Weight
5P-N-HS 23 x 21.3 $6.00 / box (60) 0.52 lb
XRH-HS 16 x 22 $4.00 / box (30) 0.3 lb

Volume pricing is also available on our new 5-perf mounts.

We carry a wide variety of other stereo mounts, too!

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