Low Cost Mounting Jig for Cardboard Stereo Mounts

The wide variety of sizes and mounting flexibility make our cardboard tape-shut mounts a popular and affordable option for your stereo slide mounting. A great technique for making these mounts efficient and easy to use has been described on Photo-3D (first mentioned by Harold Baize), and is explained (with pics!) at:
  • http://home.mira.net/~kiewavly/RBTjig1.html
  • http://home.mira.net/~kiewavly/RBTjig2.html
  • For a more elaborate approach to executing the "RBT-to-Spicer" transfer technique, see John Goodman's write-up.

    To give you a boost to get started with this technique, we are offering RBT mounts pre-cut for use as a mounting jig. We supply a pair of jigs, one with stereo chips in place, and "mated" to a cardboard mount and ready for the most important step--the transfer of the chips to the cardboard mount.  The second jig is also mated to a cardboard mount, but without film chips, and using an alternate alignment technique.

    Note: This technique tends to sound complicated when described in words, but it's really surprisingly easy.  The best way to learn it is to have someone show it to you.  We highly recommend "DrDave's" new mounting video (VHS format) as the next best thing to having your own personal tutor for this nifty mounting technique!

    The jig is supplied in pairs for several reasons, including:

    Part #  Size  Price
    Jig4P 4-Perf (16x21) $5/pair
    Jig5P 5-Perf (21x23) $5/pair
    Jig7P 7-Perf (28x23) $5/pair
    MtgVideo N/A $25.00

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