"Silver Mylar® Tape*"

Silver Mylar® tape (or, more correctly, "silver metalized tape"), is used for custom cropping of mounted 2D (or 3D) slides.  Compared to our ultra-thin silver Mylar® tape, this silver metalized tape is:

Each roll of tape is 72 yards in length.  These extra long rolls of tape have a large (three-inch) core.  

This ¼" silver metalized tape can be used as an alternative to Mylar® tape for mounting slides in our precision stereo slide mounts.  Note, however, that Photo-3D slide mounting guru DrDave has found that the ultra-thin Mylar® tape is more effective and easier to use for affixing film chips to the mounts.

Silver tape can also be used to block those annoying light halos that come through the tabbed heat seal mounts of traditional (Pic-Mount) heat seal mounts .  Apply silver tape to the inside of the slide mount to cover the raised tabs.

Tape Width Used for Stock # Price

¼ inch

Slide masking, custom cropping; light blocking/reflecting; miscellaneous taping 

*Note: Mylar® is a registered trademark of DuPont.  The generic term for "silver Mylar® tape" is "silver metalized tape." You will frequently hear or read that you should use "silver Mylar® tape" for masking slides, much as people use the term "Xerox®" instead of "photocopy" or "Kleenex®" instead of "facial tissue."  Although there are (expensive) exceptions, most Mylar® tapes allow too much light to pass through for effective slide masking. We do stock silver Mylar® tape, but it is not recommended for slide masking.  The tape you need for your slide masking is the metalized tape (silver or black) described on this page.

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