Achromat Lorgnette II by Alan Lewis

The Achromat Lorgnette II in its box.

A dust-free and protected storage environment.

The Lorgnette swings open on a hinge.

Fully open. Note that the box is now the handle.

Nothing to assemble. Quick open, quick close.

Editor's note (from Alan Lewis): The viewer shown is my prototype. I made it as a left handed viewer because that's how I hold a lorgnette. My chief product tester (we're married 20 years) informed me that most people hold the lorgnette in the right hand. She's always right, so the production viewer is now right handed. You have to hold the viewer in the correct orientation (in your right hand) to get the best image.

I am also now engraving the label directly into the wood rather than the add on label shown in the photo.

A lorgnette viewer is best used with the light source directly on the viewcard rather than above the person.  Strong light sources above the person may reflect off the lenses.  Even though these are coated lenses, the viewer does not have a hood, so reflections could result.

Rocky Mountain
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