View Magic PV6x6 Print Viewer

Use these two for wall-eyed viewing
View Magic 6x6 Viewer (R) View Magic 6x6 Viewer (L) View Magic 6x6 Viewer (R)

Use these two for cross-eyed viewing

View Magic PV6x6 print viewer

The View Magic PV 6x6 is a unique viewer for viewing pairs of large 3D prints (or chromes on a light box).

The model PV6x6 View Magic (TM) 3-D Viewer is primarily designed to view prints from 8 to 11 inches wide.  However, it will work with any practical print size from 5x7 to 16x20, or even larger poster sizes.

You can view 8 inch wide prints from a distance of 1-2 feet. Larger prints are viewed from a greater distance.  For example, 11 inch wide prints are viewed from a distance of 2-3 feet and 16 inch wide prints are viewed from a distance of 5-6 feet.  The ability to "free-view" stereo pairs will expand the range of useful viewing distances.

The PV6x6 is ideal for special situations, like public displays or showings of large 3-D prints.  However, some coaching might be needed for those not familiar with 3-D viewing.

The PV6x6 is not designed to replace the original View Magic (TM) model PV4000 over/under 3-D Viewer.  The PV4000 is the viewer of choice for all prints up to 4 inches high and is essential for viewing the wide panoramic format.  The PV4000 is also better for unattended use by the general public due to the fixed interocular spacing.

For viewing large format stereo images arranged over-under instead of side-by-side, we also offer the View Magic PV8x24.

 Stock # PV6x6 Price: $55.00

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