View Magic Print Viewer and Stand

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PV4000 on stand - R PV4000 on stand - L PV4000 on stand - R

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View Magic stereo viewer

The View Magic PV4000 is a unique over/under viewer for viewing stereo pairs in 3D.  It is perfectly suited for common 4x6 prints direct from the photo processor, making it the fastest and easiest way to get started in 3D imaging.  Features of the PV4000 include:
For viewing larger images, see the PV6x6 and PV8x24 viewers.

Stock # PV4000 Price: $35.00

Stand for View Magic print viewer

The manufacturer of the View Magic PV4000 viewer and stand is developing a new and improved stand.  We hope to have it available within a few months.  Call us to be added to the waiting list!

 Stock # VMStand Price: $TBA

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