Links to Other 3D Sites and Resources

Resource Description
3D E-mail lists Photo-3D is "the granddaddy of 'em all" but now there are over 30 different e-mail discussion lists devoted to stereo photography and specialized subjects within the field.
Ed Buffaloe's site General Photography information, plus special article, "Stereo Madness Grips Austin" (home of Rocky Mountain Memories)!!
"Making Your Own Stereo Cameras and Equipment" This page is a 3D hacker's paradise - Sam Smith has custom built an impressive array of his own 3D cameras by hacking together two cameras. Here he tells "how he does it."
DrT's site George Themelis, aka "DrT" is an author and expert on 3D viewers and other topics.  He presents lots of  useful 3D photo information on his site.
3D Image Technology The home Page for 3D Image Technology, makers of the 3D Magic, 3D Wizard, and 3D 1000 lenticular cameras.
Ray Hannisian's Page Ray's home page has many stereo images suitable for free-viewing.
Stereoscopic Images
by Steven W. Andersen
Steven has a well-done page with many computer-generated stereo images suitable for free-viewing.
Stereoscopic Images
by Boris Starosta
Boris Starosta has a gallery of award-winning nude and computer-generated stereo images suitable for free-viewing.
3-D STUFF Lincoln Kamm's Stereo Page. Contains anaglyph and free-view images, updated regularly. Also has some interesting 3D photos carefully generated from a 2D original...
Duane Starcher's site Duane Starcher's ftp site contains a collection of his 3D photographs, set up for cross-eyed viewing. See the file "readme96.txt" for descriptions of the images.
Alan Lewis' site Alan Lewis does 3D Wedding photography, and is the producer of the "SaturnScope" and "EuroScope" in this catalog. Alan also has some interesting viewer projects on his site.
The View Master Homepage Wolfgang and Mary Ann Sell's home page of View Master - information for collectors, prices and information for having your own custom View Master reels produced, and much more!
VM Resource A very helpful site from View Master whiz kid Eddie Bowers.
Shilo Teshima's 3D site Shilo presents us with "Planet 16-16 in 3-D"
Don Adamson's 3D site Don's site has some stereo views, both new and old, scans of various stereo formats, and a free marketplace for buying and selling stereo stuff.
Ed Romney's Camera Repair Site Ed Romney publishes books about general camera repair in general, and book(s) about repair of stereo cameras.
Doug Taber's chemistry images Parallel-viewable stereo images of complex molecules
Jeff Cooper's 3D site History, techniques, how-tos, and 3D images in Jeff's 3D Gallery
Robert Thorpe's 3D site Check out this page if you're interested in medium format stereo - Robert has collected photos, descriptions, and plans for medium format 3D slide viewers.
Stephen Kearney's 3D site Here Stephen has pictures and some plans for his medium and large (4x5") home-made stereo viewers.
Harold Baize's 3D site Harold has examples of some of his 3D work, a mixture of "straight" photography, as well as some composites and fantasy stuff.
Reel-3D Largest 3D photo supplies business has some items not yet available at RMM.
3D Concepts US distributor of RBT stereo cameras and projectors, and other high-end new 3D photo equipment.
Dan Shelley's 3D Links The very best 3D links page on the planet! Maintained by Dan Shelley, stereo photographer and creator of the "3D-CD" series.

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