PrintFile Archival Pages

for 2x2 mounted slides, or unmounted film chips

For our full-frame stereo shooting customers, we now offer the high quality archival pages for 2x2 slides from PrintFile.   These are the "HBF" style pages.  They are 3-hole punched to store in a binder, or they may be hung in a filing cabinet.  The frosted back allows easy freeviewing by holding the page up to almost any light source!  Each page holds 20 2x2  mounted slides (10 stereo pairs).  Additional features:

  • Made from archival quality polypropylene
  • Heavy duty 10-mil material
  • Store in binders or hanging files

Note: for slide storage pages for mounted 41x101 stereo, see our "PT Pages."

NoteThese pages are also great for storing your cut but unmounted 35 mm slide chips!  They will easily accommodate all common stereo formats (Nimslo/4P, Realist/5P, European/7P, and full-frame.)

PrintFile Archival Storage Pages for 2x2 Slides

(# of Pages)
(# of 2x2 slides)
Stock #
25 500 HBF-25 $11 0.85 lb
50 1000 HBF-50 $20 1.7 lb
100 2,000 HBF-100 $36 3.3 lb


Rocky Mountain
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