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Archival Pages for Stereo Slides
The best storage pages for stereo slides!

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Our custom-manufactured slide storage pages made from 10-mil polypropylene are the best way to keep your slides safe!  The pages are 3-hole punched to store in a binder, or they may be hung in a filing cabinet.  The frosted back allows easy freeviewing by holding the page up to almost any light source!  Each page holds 10 Realist format (1-5/8x 4) mounted slides).  Perfect for cardboard or RBT-mounted slides!

New!  For your convenience, we now also stock slide storage pages for your mounted twin 2x2 stereo pairs--also great for all storing your cut but umounted slide chips!

Our slide storage pages are endorsed by "DrT" as the best storage pages available for stereo slides.  They have numerous advantages over other pages you may have seen or even used in the past, including:

  • Made from archival quality polypropylene, not photo-risky vinyl like other pages
  • Heavy duty 10-mil material is not as bulky (requires less storage space)
  • Lighter weight (more economical to ship)
  • Attractively priced (Cost you less $$ !!)

Archival Storage Pages for Stereo Slides

(# of Pages)
(# of stereo slides)
Stock #
10 100 Pages-10 $7.50 0.4 lb
25 250 Pages-25 $15 0.85 lb
50 500 Pages-50 $27 1.7 lb
100 1,000 Pages-100 $50 3.3 lb
500 5,000 Pages-500 Inquire 16 lb

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