Spicer™ Precision Cardboard Mounts for Stereo (3D) Slides

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Rocky Mountain Memories is your source for the highest quality cardboard stereo slide mounts ever produced!  Designed by Steve Spicer and produced in Australia, these are precision die-cut mounts made of card stock selected to minimize fuzzy edges and light passage through the mount. Our precision tape-shut mounts come in eight aperture sizes--more than any other cardboard  or metal stereo mount on the market!  The unique reduced-height mounts are perfect for when you need to crop out that annoying blade of grass that was too close to the camera, improve a shot with "a bit too much" sky, or remove distracting elements near the top or bottom of the image.  Also, the reduced height mounts are especially useful for twin-camera or "cha-cha" shots, which tend to have greater vertical variations than images  made with dedicated stereo cameras.

These precision mounts have a smooth interior (picture) and are intended to be sealed shut using either tape or glue.  (Although "magic" tape can be used, Mylar® tape is recommended.)  The mounts are shipped with the die-cut apertures still in the mount.  (We can remove them manually for you at additional cost.  Ask for details.)  For best results, remove the windows by pushing from the glossy side (outside) toward the non-glossy side (inside).

Compared to ordinary heat-seal mounts, Steve Spicer's mounts offer several advantages including:

"Realist" format mounts
41 x 101 mm outside dimensions
Format Example Cameras Aperture Style/Size Qty: 50
Weight: 0.4 lb
Half Frame Nimslo; Nishika Normal
Realist Realist, Revere, Kodak Stereo, TDC Vivid, Iloca Rapid, etc.;
also for cropping larger format images


Reduced Height
(landscape format)
European Iloca (original); FED;
Busch Verascope
also for cropping larger format images


Reduced Height
Extra Wide Twin rig or full frame stereo camera Normal

Availability update
These mounts are produced by a dedicated hobbyist who designed them because he was dissatisfied with the quality of other affordable stereo slide mounts.  Because a) they are not produced in large volumes by a big corporation; b) the small size of the stereo market results in highly variable and unpredictable demand patterns; and c) production and transit times can be fairly long, we do sometimes have temporary stock outages.  

The largest-ever production run of Spicer mounts was recently completed--though not without some problems.  The bulk of this production run was expected to be picked up by the shipper about mid-July, 2006.  Transit time is likely to be 8 to 12 weeks.  On 21-July-2006 we received a FedEx shipment with a small number of some sizes of these mounts.  Due to the higher air freight costs and limited supply, these mounts cost $9.95 per pack of 50.  We don't yet know what pricing of the mounts will be when the much larger quantity arrives, but we should be able to price them below the current $9.95 level.  Additionally, bulk packs of the 5P, 7P, and EW sizes will be available at a discount from full retail price.

Unfortunately there was a production problem with two sizes of Spicer mounts.  As a result, the 5RH size will not be available at all for a while longer yet. A miniscule number of 4P (Nimslo) mounts are available (some now, some when the larger shipment arrives).  There are so few of the 4P mounts that the only fair thing we can think of to do with them is to offer them via auction on ebay.  Check back here in a few days for a link, or set up a search on  ebay if you need any of the 4P mounts.  It may be four to eight months until the shortages of  the 5RH and 4P mounts can be resolved.

Please note that we have undertaken enormous financial risk/burden to bring these mounts back to our market, and will need the generous support of many fans of these excellent mounts.  We admit to not knowing the best way to make that happen.  If you have suggestions please let us know.

Rocky Mountain
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