Silver Mylar« Tape

We carry two types of silver tape: ultra-thin Mylar« tape (not entirely opaque) discussed below, and thin, opaque silver metalized slide masking tapeIf you need tape for masking slides (usually not stereo slides), order the silver metalized slide masking tape

Mylar« tape is highly recommended for use with our cardboard mounts.  Although cellophane tape could be used instead, our strong, ultra-thin Mylar« tape provides several advantages, including:

We now carry our own line of Mylar« tape. The RMM tape is used and endorsed by Photo-3D slide mounting guru DrDave as the best tape for slide mounting--as good or better than even his previous favorite tape.  (In particular, David finds that the gold ╝" tape is better than the silver tape for use inside the mounts.)  The new RMM Mylar« tape also costs less than our previous brand...and a lot less than the well-known national tape brand!

Caution: There are other Mylar« tapes and silver tapes (both more and less expensive) on the market, but not all of them are suitable for slide mounting.  For example, some silver tapes have a much thicker base than our Mylar« tape.  These thicker tapes resist being folded over the mount edge.  Their adhesive may not be strong enough to defeat the tape's determination to straighten itself after being folded over the mount edge...which makes for a very poor seal of the mount! Their thicker base may prevent them from holding the film to the mount as securely as the ultra-thin tape does.

Each roll of tape is 72 yards in length.  One roll of ╝" tape is enough to mount over 1,200 Realist format stereo slides; one roll of 3/8" tape is enough to seal over 600 stereo slide mounts.  If you do a lot of slide mounting, you'll want to have 2 rolls of 3/8" tape for each roll of ╝".  If you are just starting out with medium format stereo and don't use tape for your 35 mm stereo slide mounting, you may want to start with just one roll of 3/8" tape.  The 80x132 mounts for medium format stereo are large enough to comfortably use 3/8" tape inside the mount.

Although our Mylar« tape can be used in a pinch for masking (custom cropping) of mounted 2D or 3D slides, it requires two layers for adequate light blocking because it is not quite opaque.  We also carry a thin opaque silver tape, which requires only one layer for slide masking.

Tape Width Used for Stock # Price

╝ inch

Recommended for attaching slide chips to cardboard mounts. ST-╝


3/8 inch Recommended for sealing tape-shut cardboard mounts or the
foldovers used with Albion mounts.


We also carry the popular Wess adhesive tabs!  Compare our price!

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