Precision Medium Format Stereo Slide Mounts

Our 80x132 mounts are are for medium format stereo images such as those from your 6x13 format stereo cameras (e.g., Sputnik, Rolleidoscop, Flektoscop), or your single or dual 120 roll film camera(s) (e.g, Bronica, Fuji, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Pentax, etc.).  Four standard aperture sizes are available:

Landscape (MFL)
40x50 mm


50x50 mm


Many people mount most of their 6x6 stereo images (also known as 2-¼" stereo) in the square aperture (50x50 mm) mounts.  Selecting the best format mount for each image, however, is a very important, yet frequently neglected, part of the artistic process. In many, perhaps even the majority, of cases, an image can be significantly improved simply by choosing to mount it in something other than the basic square format.

The alternate mount aperture sizes also frequently allow you to "save" images with light leak or internal reflection damage so common in Sputnik slides.  (If your Sputnik has these problems, be sure to see our free Sputnik fix up pages, or ask about our Sputnik fix-up kit.)  Our unique Panoramic format is useful for extra cropping of medium format stereo images--which can yield dramatic results--or for stereo images from the Russian-made "Horizon" or similar 35mm panoramic cameras. 

These precision die-cut cardboard tape-shut mounts are made of card stock selected to reduce fuzzy edges.  They may be sealed shut using either tape or glue.  We recommend using them in your SaturnSlide™ medium format 3D viewer.  They also fit the King Inn viewer.

Note: We currently have very limited availability of 80x132 mounts.  We are working on finding ways to be able to continue to offer quality mounts at reasonable prices.  Suppliers are asking enormous price increases due to the collapse of the US dollar.  Please call for current availability.  Note that there are no 50x50 (square) format mounts in stock at this time. 

We recommend using archival protective sleeves, custom-made to fit these mounts, to protect and preserve your medium format 3D slides.

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