SaturnSlide™ Medium Format Stereo Slide Viewer Kit

Our exclusive SaturnSlide™ viewer kit is the easy, affordable way to build a high quality viewer for medium format stereo slides from your Sputnik, Heidoscop, Rolleidoscop, or from your single or dual 120 format ("2-¼" or "6x6") camera setup. 

When assembled and finished, you'll have a solid cherry "steal the light" viewer that brilliantly shows the stunning beauty and "WOW" of medium format stereo slides.  And because our kit uses all solid cherry wood, you'll have a viewer that is as gorgeous to look at as it is to look through.  The optional lightbox kit for the SaturnSlide™ viewer is sold separately.

This viewer will fill your beginning requirements for high quality viewing of medium format stereo images. Modification and customization to suit your individual needs are also possible. The viewer accepts Rocky Mountain Memories' medium format stereo slide mounts as well as those (formerly?) sold by Q-Vu for the King Inn viewer.
The kit design utilizes a "tab in slot" registration system for precisely and easily fitting the wood pieces together. This design makes the wood pieces automatically position and "square" themselves as well as produce a very strong shear joint. To assemble, all you have to do is to apply glue to the joints and fit each tab into it's slot and push together.
The stereo transparency is held in position in a 1/8" wide slot at the rear. The slot for the slide has restraints to keep the bottom of the slide from falling forward when the viewer is held up to the light. In addition, the viewer has a screw under the transparency that can be installed on either side to allow the slide to be perfectly leveled (parallel with the lenses) after assembly.
An internal center divider eliminates "cross-talk" between the left and right images of the stereo slide.

Focus is adjustable via the sliding box design of the viewer. The viewer is really two boxes that slide together and are secured in position by a "camera screw" on the bottom. (The camera screw also serves as a handy tripod socket!)  To adjust focus, loosen the screw and slide the boxes, then tighten the screw. The quality of the sliding fit is adjusted during assembly by how much you sand from the two sides of the inner sliding box. If you sand just enough to allow a smooth sliding action then you will also have a very well registered sliding focus (meaning very little slop).

The diffuser is made of an acrylic material specially selected for its excellent light transmission characteristics.

Stock # Description Price Weight
MFV-KitRT SaturnSlide(tm) Kit with rectangular (23x35) 85mm FL lenses $135.00 0.9 lb
KIV-UPGr Achromatic conversion panel for King Inn viewer* $75.00 0.5 lb
MFV-ASM Viewer assembly available on request Inquire N/A
* Also works great as lens panel for a viewer of your own design!
Or, for great viewing on a budget, use the achromatic lens panel and your own light table!
Don't forget to check out our super-bright lightbox kit for your SaturnSlide(tm) viewer!

"SaturnSlide" is a trademark of Alan Lewis.

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