SaturnSlide(tm) Lightbox Attachment Kit

Assembled SaturnSlide(tm) Lightbox SaturnSlide(tm) Complete with Lightbox
SaturnSlide (tm) Lightbox Kit SaturnSlide (tm) Viewer with Lightbox Attached
The optional SaturnSlide(tm) lightbox attachment converts your SaturnSlide(tm) viewer from a steal-the-light style viewer to an internally iluminated viewer. The lightbox produces very bright light of outstanding quality. It adds a lot of extra brilliance and WOW! factor to really show off your slides to their fullest potential!

The lightbox kit is partially preassembled as shown. Complete instructions for completing the lightbox are included, along with templates for cutting the bright white reflectors and the balsa wood mirror mounts. The basic steps required are as follows:

  1. Temporarily remove the rear panel (held in place with screws) and the light unit;
  2. Cut balsa wood and white reflector material using supplied templates;
  3. Glue in mirror mounting blocks, mirrors, and white reflectors;
  4. Paint lamp unit ends to match wood finish (optional);
  5. Re-install lamp unit and attach rear panel.

If you are adding a lightbox to an already assembled viewer, it might be necessary to remove the existing diffuser from your viewer and reposition it more precisely to permit attachment of the lightbox.

New! Now includes A/C wall adapter! (120V A/C input, 6V DC output)

Stock # MFV-LB    -   $85   - 0.5 lb

"SaturnSlide" is a trademark of Alan Lewis.

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