High Quality Slip-in Mounts for Stereo (3D) Slides

We are excited to offer a new line of high quality slip-in mounts for stereo (3D) slides! We have developed two different versions of these new slip-in mounts, a vertical slip-in mount and a horizontal slip-in mount.

Both slip-in mount styles have important advantages over previously available slip-in mounts:

In addition, the new horizontal slip-in mounts offer a unique and powerful advantage: the image area of the film chips never passes between layers of cardboard.  Result: the mount cannot scratch your slides the way previous slip-in mounts could! Only the sprocket hole area of the film actually passes between the two halves of the mount. 

Although there are some differences, the vertical slip-in mounts are used much like the previously available slip-in mounts.  Currently, we are in the process of making some design changes to the vertical-style mounts.  The improved version may become available at a later date.

High volume quantities of mounts from our 2nd die are currently in stock  Standard pricing on our popular slip-in stereo slide mounts is as follows:

Stock # Apertures
(W x H)
5P-N-SIH 21.3 x 23 $15.00 / box (76) 0.6 lb
5P-N-SIH-6 21.3 x 23 $85.00 / 6 boxes 3.3 lb
5P-N-SIH-12 21.3 x 23 $160.00 / 12 boxes  6.6 lb
Note: Volume discounts will not be available
when quantities in stock are low.

We are currently offering temporary savings from the prices listed above!  See our tech notes for discussion.

We carry a wide variety of other stereo mounts, too!

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