Technical notes regarding stereo mount batches

Our perfectionist mount checker can detect some differences between the slip-in, self-stick, and heat-seal mounts (5P sizes) made with the new die, compared to the mounts made with the original die used for those three types of mounts.  The differences should only be a concern if you create a projected slide show that mixes mounts from the two dies.  Although slip-in mounts were never intended to be used for projection, we realize that sometimes the convenience factor wins out.  The new mounts, therefore, are marked "2b" so that you can group them together for projection purposes, if you choose to be as fussy as we are when we do our testing.  (We don't actually bother grouping the mounts by batch for our at-home shows.)  Note that our heat seal, self-stick, and slip-in mounts can be mixed without need for projector adjustment if the mounts made with different dies are kept together.  Mounts made with the first die have no die number indicator.  Mounts made with the 2nd die are marked "2" or "2b."

Testing of the early batches of mounts has also shown that a slightly higher percentage of the mounts do not allow the film to slide into the channel perfectly smoothly on the first attempt.  (Read our slip-in mount usage instructions for tips on clearing the channels when necessary.)  Production procedures are being changed mid-stream to address this issue.  A high volume purchaser of these mounts has assured us that the issue is not a significant one; we mention it in the interest of full disclosure.  If you do find an unusually high percentage of "problem" mounts, please let us know!

Because of the possibility of a few more "channel clearing required" mounts per box, and because the placement of the "2b" mark on the early production batches is much higher than we specified it should be--intruding slightly on the back label area--the early portions of this production run are being offered at special sale prices.

Stock # Apertures
(W x H)
5P-N-SIH 21.3 x 23 $13.50 / box (76) 0.6 lb
5P-N-SIH-6 21.3 x 23 $77.50 / 6 boxes 3.3 lb
5P-N-SIH-12 21.3 x 23 $150.00 / 12 boxes  6.6 lb
Note: Volume discounts will not be available
when quantities in stock are low.

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