Mounting Jig for Stereo Slide Cardboard Mounts

This mounting jig is specially designed for our precision cardboard tape-shut slide mount. It can be used with any of our eight different styles of 35mm format mounts or with our medium format mounts.

Mounting jig

The two film stops (upper center) can be adjusted to compensate for a height difference in your camera. A hinged cover helps hold the film chips in place. You simply insert a mount, slip the two film chips against the film stops, slide the film chips left or right to adjust composition and the stereo window, and tape them in place.

A second film flap (not shown; additional cost option) makes mounting medium format slides equally easy!

NOTE: The Spicer mounting jig is currently out of stock. Under a joint production arrangement worked out early in 2000 with the designer of the jig, parts for a batch of jigs were manufactured in Australia and then assembled in the U.S. by Rocky Mountain Memories. Demand for the jig was so strong that the batch was sold out before production was completed.

Currently it does not appear possible for the supplier to produce another batch of these jigs in the foreseeable future.  We are, however, investigating other possibilities for producing the jig.  We recommend using the "RBT-to-Spicer" transfer method using a budget mounting jig.

We thank your for your patience and understanding!

Stock # Jig    Price: $95

Rocky Mountain
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