Glass Lorgnette by Alan Lewis

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The near-legendary workshop of Alan Lewis brings you this new lorgnette offering made from beautiful solid mahogany wood. The lenses are genuine single element DCX all glass stereoscope lenses.

The Lewis Glass Lorgnette is a pocket-sized affordably-priced viewer for printed (or electronic) stereo pairs.  It provides much higher quality viewing than the molded plastic lorgnettes commonly used.   In addition, when compared to an acrylic-lens lorgnette, Alan's Glass Lorgnette provides much sharper images and far less chromatic aberration.  Chromatic aberration can alter apparent depth relationships in a stereoview, or introduce odd color fringing in black and white views.  While not an achromatic viewer, you may have to look hard to actually find any chromatic aberration when using the Glass Lorgnette.

If you own more than just a few stereoviews (and you enjoy viewing them, rather than just collecting them), you owe it to yourself to use a lorgnette as good or better than this one.  (The only lorgnette that is better is the Achromat Lorgnette II.)  Don't settle for poor or mediocre viewing of your prized views!

The viewer comes in a soft protective pouch (pouch material and color will vary) for protection of the fine wood and lenses when the lorgnette is not in use.  (Of course you might have so much fun seeing how much better your stereocards look that you won't be able to put the lorgnette down!) 

Alan Lewis writes about his stereo viewer products:

 Each [viewer] is individually made to exacting standards as if it were custom made.

I pay very close attention to fit and performance. I not only assemble a viewer to look good, but it must perform correctly or I won't sell it. This encompasses adjustment and alignment of both the optics and the mechanics of the viewers.

When you buy inexpensive viewers from other places, you don't get this precision.

Alan Lewis is well known for his quality mahogany 3D viewer products, and Rocky Mountain Memories is proud to offer them to discerning stereo enthusiasts throughout the world!

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