SaturnScope Achromatic Stereoscope for Holmes format stereocards

The incredible SaturnScope Achromatic Holmes style stereoscope is now available directly from Rocky Mountain Memories.  This is the best image quality Holmes portable stereoscope available today.

The SaturnScope uses the superior coated achromatic lenses, PLUS the exclusive feature of lenses that are mounted to match the height of the stereocard.  This perfect alignment avoids the keystone distortion introduced by other Holmes-style viewers, which invariably have lenses mounted well below the stereocard centerline.

The new version now in stock features a slider tension adjustment (not pictured) to help keep the stereocard holder in place at any angle! 

As shown in the additional pictures, the SaturnScope can be used as a pedestal stereoscope; as a hand-held portable stereoscope, or as a hand- held lorgnette-style viewer for viewing stereo pictures other than traditional stereocards (e.g., views reproduced in Stereo World).

Each SaturnScope is hand-finished by master craftsman Alan Lewis, who writes regarding  his viewer products:

Each [viewer] is individually made to exacting standards as if it were custom made.

I pay very close attention to fit and performance. I not only assemble a viewer to look good, but it must perform correctly or I won't sell it. This encompasses adjustment and alignment of both the optics and the mechanics of the viewers.

When you buy inexpensive viewers from other places, you don't get this precision.

Due to the intensive labor involved, only a few SaturnScope viewers are made at a time. The viewer is currently in stock, but when it is sold out it may be out of stock for months at a time. 

Item Stock # Price Wt.
Alan Lewis Achromatic StereoScope



2.3 lb

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