View Magic PV8x24 Print Viewer

The patented View Magic™ PV8x24 3-D Viewer is a special 3-D viewer for viewing large over/under prints in the landscape format.  This viewer can handle prints from 8 to 12 inches tall.

The PV8x24 viewer is a hybrid of the original model PV4000 and over/under prismatic viewer principles.  By combining features of both, large prints can now be viewed with greater comfort and distortion-free clarity.  The viewer is made from high quality glass optics.  It is identical in appearance to the PV4000.

The PV8x24 is designed to view 8 inch high prints from a distance of 24 inches, 10 inch high prints from 36 inches, and 12 inch high prints from a distance of 48 inches.

The PV8x24 is not designed to replace the original View Magic™ model PV4000 over/under 3-D Viewer.  The PV8x24 should be considered an accessory to the PV4000 that expands the range of useful applications.  You should be familiar with the PV4000 before working with the PV8x24. 

The PV4000 is the viewer of choice for all prints up to 4 inches high.  The PV4000 is also better for unattended use by the general public due to the fixed interocular spacing.

For viewing large format stereo images arranged side-by-side instead of over-under, we also offer the View Magic PV6x6.

 Stock # PV8x24 Price: $45.00

Rocky Mountain
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