3D Formats

Many different film formats have and are being used for 3D photography. The following table gives information on common film formats, for either slide or print film. Note that mounted slides of course have a smaller image size, due to the overlap of the slide mount:

3D Film Formats

Format name Film size Typical size
when mounted
View-Master 12 x 13 mm 10 x 11 mm 7 views mounted in a disk 90mm (3 17/32") in diameter. Produced commercially, or by cameras such as the VM Personal or VM Mark II.
Bruguere ?? 12 x 13 mm
Tru-Vue ?? 14.4 x 13.2 mm 7 views mounted in a stack on a card.
Image Tech 24 x 18 mm n/a Generally used for print film, usually for lenticular prints. This format consists of three adjacent exposures.
Nimslo 24 x 18 mm n/a Nishika and Rittai cameras use this format. Generally used for print film, usually for lenticular prints. This format consists of four adjacent exposures.
Half Frame 24 x 18 mm std 35mm 2 side-by-side frames on a standard 24x36mm 35mm frame. Typically produced by a beam-splitter.
Realist 24 x 23 mm Varies Produced by majority of cameras produced in the 1950's, such as the Realist, Kodak Stereo, Iloca II, Revere, and many, many others. Mount sizes generally range from 23 x 19.5 mm (closeup mount) to 23 x 21.7 mm. Mount outer dimensions are standardized to 41 x 101 mm.
European 24 x 30 Varies Mount outer dimensions same as Realist (41 x 101mm). Opening size usually 26 x 23 mm (closeup) to 28 x 23 mm (normal). Produced by cameras such as the Busch Verascope F40, Iloca I, and the FED, among others.
Twin 35mm 24 x 36 mm Varies Usually mounted in standard slide mounts, and used with a compatible viewer, or with two projectors.
Medium Format usually
55 x 55 mm,
Varies Can be mounted in two standard 6x6 slide mounts (70 x 70 mm outer dimensions) or cardboard slide mounts (80 x 132 mm outer dimensions).

Here is how the various formats appear on film.

3D Print Formats

This table shows common formats used to view 3D prints. Of course, all these formats can be produced from any of the film formats, with appropriate enlarging and/or cropping.

Format name Print size Comments
Holmes 3" x 3" prints Two 3x3" prints on a 3.5 x 7" card. This is the classic stereo card format used with a Holmes-style viewer (also sometimes called a "stereopticon")
Twin Prints varies Twin 3D prints can be viewed with a View Magic viewer, or home-built devices such as a Wheatstone viewer. Print sizes can vary greatly - for example the View Magic can accept prints up to 4" tall, of any width (with panning).  Large format prints can be viewed with the View Magic PV6x6 (side-by-side) or the View Magic PV8x24 (over-under) viewers.
Lenticular varies Lenticular prints are a special case. Size varies, but typically 3.5 x 5", 5 x 7", and 8 x 10" prints are available.

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