Stereo Viewers and Accessories

Plastic steal-the-light (STL) stereo slide viewers are available for:

Please inquire for details.

Rocky Mountain Memories now has fine quality mahogany stereocard viewers from the workshop of Alan Lewis in stock for immediate delivery! 

Available now are:

Indefinitely out-of-stock:

SaturnSlide MF Viewer
SaturnSlide Medium Format Slide Viewer Kit

This is a solid mahogany stereo slide viewer kit featuring large glass achromatic lenses.

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PV4000 View Magic print viewer / Economy Stand

The View Magic is a unique, easy-to-use over/under 
viewer for viewing pairs of 3D prints.

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View Magic PV4000


View Magic PV6x6
PV6x6 View Magic viewer for large prints

The PV6x6 viewer is designed for viewing larger prints mounted side-by-side.

 Somewhat harder for first time users than the PV4000,  but more flexible, because print size is not limited.

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