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                                 Effective July 1, 2005
         Description             Part #      Price

3D Images  (Heading Key: 3)

  Overdrive Large Anaglyph Poster OD-LAP    15.00
  Rocky Mountain 3D Views Booklet RM3D      Sold out

Archival Storage (Heading Key: A)

   10 Pages (holds 100 slides)    Pages-10    7.50
   25 Pages (holds 250 slides)    Pages-25   15.00
   50 Pages (holds 500 slides)    Pages-50   27.00
  100 Pages (holds 1000 slides)   Pages-100  50.00
   60 Sleeves for 80x132 MF3D     MFSP60     10.00

Stereo Photography Books and Videos  (Heading Key: B)

  Stereo Mounting Video (DrDave)  MtgVideo   25.00
  The World of 3D  (Ferwerda)     W3D        49.50
  Use/Maint Realist + Intro (DrT) UMSR       35.00
  The Chopping Block (Watters)    Chop       25.00
  Guide to the Nimslo (Reel 3-D)  R3DGtN     12.50
  Photographing in 3D (Burder/Wh) BW-P3d     10.00
  Stereo Window Tutorial (RMM)    SWTS       20.00
  M/R/I Red Button (DrT)          MRI-RB     20.00
  M/R/I Green Button (DrT)        MRI-GB     20.00
  M/R/I Kodaslide I/II (DrT)      MRI-KS     20.00
  M/R/I VM Model D(DrT)           MRI-VMD    20.00
  Stereo Photo Tutorial (DrT)     SPTutor    20.00
  3D Mounting Guide (Kleinsmeide) MtgGd      12.00
  Updated Realist Manual (DrT)    UpdtRM     10.00
Cardboard Stereo Slide Mounts - Slip-in, heat seal, self-stick  (41x101) (Heading Key: C)
  5P Normal Slip-in, H style       5P-N-SIH  15.00 (76/box)
  5P Normal Slip-in, H style       5P-N-SIH  85.00 (6 boxes)
  5P Normal Slip-in, H style       5P-N-SIH 160.00 (12 boxes)

  5P Normal Self-Stick            5P-NSS     7.50
  5P Normal Self-Stick            5P-NSS    40.00 (6 boxes)
  5P Normal Self-Stick            5P-NSS    75.00 (12 boxes)
  5P Normal Heat-Seal             5P-NHS     5.00
  5P Normal Heat-Seal             5P-NHS    50.00 (12 boxes)
  Realist Pano 16x22 Heat-Seal    5P-XRH-HS  4.00 (30 mounts)
  Realist Pano 16x22 Self-Stick   5P-XRH-SS  4.00 (30 mounts)
  5P Traditional Heat Seal        5P-PMHS    7.00 (100 mounts)
  5P Traditional HS Factory Pack  5P-PMFP   62.00 (1250 mounts)

Medium Format Stereo Cardboard Mounts (80x132) (Heading Key: M)

  6x6 - Square    (50x50)         MFS         TBA
  645 - Landscape (40x50)         MFL         TBA
  645 - Portrait  (50x40)         MFP         TBA
  645 - Mixed (2/3 MFL + 1/3 MFP) MFM         TBA
  Panoramic       (23x52)         PANO        TBA
  Limited availability item:
    6x6 reduced height (46x52)    MFRH       sold out
      (Australian-made, best white card stock)

Medium Format Stereo (3D) Viewers
(Heading Key: 2nd M)
  SaturnSlide Kit RTx85 -A.Lewis   MFV-KitRT 135.00
  SaturnSlide 2nd faceplate        MFV-Face   15.00
  Lightbox Attachment for MFV-Kit  MF-Light   85.00
  King Inn Achromatic Lens Upgrade KIV-Upgrd  75.00

Other Viewers
(Heading Key: O)
  FreeViewer's Assistant          AL-FVA     See PokeScope
  PokeScope with Image Manager    PS3DVim    50.00
  PokeScope, viewer only          PS3DV      40.00
  Glass Lorgnette                 AL-GLI     Indefinitely out of stock
  Achromat Lorgnette II           AL-ALII   225.00
  SaturnScope Achromatic          AL-SSA    450.00
Precision Tape-Shut Cardboard Stereo Slide Mounts (41x101) (Heading Key: P)
  Half-Frame 21x16                4P-N        6.75 + $0.75 ERA*
  Realist Normal 23x21            5P-N        6.75 + $0.75 ERA
  Realist Close-up 23x19          5P-CU       6.75 + $0.75 ERA
  Realist Reduced Height 20x21.5  5P-RH       6.75 + $0.75 ERA
  European Normal 23x28           7P-N        6.75 + $0.75 ERA
  European Close-up 23x26         7P-CU       6.75 + $0.75 ERA
  European Reduced Height 20x28   7P-RH       6.75 + $0.75 ERA
  Extra Wide  23x31.5             EW-N        6.75 + $0.75 ERA
* Exchange Rate Adjustment
RBT Stereo Mounts Non-glass (Heading Key: R)
  4P 21x16                        RBT-4      30.00
  MD 23x19.5                      RBT-MD     30.00
  5P 23x21                        RBT-5      30.00
  7P 23x28                        RBT-7      30.00
  Extra Wide 23x31.5              RBT-XW     30.00
  Full Frame 23x33                RBT-FF     30.00
  Custom Mix (you choose!)        RBT-MIX    35.00

Stereo Cameras
and Accessories (Heading Key: S)
  Sputnik                         SPUD-AM   170.00 - 190.00
  Sputnik - Improved              Spud-Imp  275.00 - 325.00
  XA-2 Twin Rig - Enhanced        XA2-RigF   Disc
  Super XA-2 Master/Slave Rig     XA2-RigS  795.00
  Rolleidoscop                    Rscop-1  2300.00
  Twin Cable Release              TCR        50.00

Supplies- & Equipment - Other (Heading Key: 2nd S)
  Alkaline batteries (AA)         Alk-AA      0.45
  Alkaline batteries (AAQ)        Alk-AAA     0.45
  Frosted halogen viewer bulb     FHB         6.00
  RBT Mount Jig 4P (Pair)         Jig4P       5.00
  RBT Mount Jig 5P (Pair)         Jig5P       5.00
  RBT Mount Jig 7P (Pair)         Jig7P       5.00
  RBT Mount Jig EW (Pair)         JigEW       5.00
  Silver Tape (masking)  1/4"x72  SMT-1/4    10.95
  Mylar Tape (mounting) 1/4"x72   ST-1/4      9.75 (Gold or Silver)
  Mylar Tape (binding)  3/8"x72   ST-3/8     12.50 (Gold,  Silver, or Black)
  Spicer Mounting Jig             SMJig      95.00
  Ultra-thin light panel-4x5      UTLP       40.00
  Wess adhesive tabs, dispenser   WTAB        8.00

View Magic
(Heading Key: V)
  PV4000 (Over-Under)             PV4000     35.00
  PV6x6 (Side-by-Side)            PV6x6      55.00
  PV8x24 (Over-Under)             PV8x24     45.00
  Economy Stand                   PVStand    25.00

View Master 3-Reel Sets
(Heading Key: 2nd V)
  Honeybees and Wasps             VM-Bee     Sold out
  Under the Sea                   VM-Sea     15.00
  Pat Whitehouse Show             VM-Pat     Sold out
  Life in Berlin                  VM-Berlin  Sold out
Pick List Headings:
3       3D Images
A	Archival Storage Pages
B	Books and Videos about 3D
C	Cardboard Self-stick and Heat Seal Mounts
F	Film: Fuji Pro Slide Film
M	Medium Format Cardboard Mounts
M	Medium Format Viewers and Lenses
O	Other Viewers
P	Precision Tape-shut Cardboard Stereo Mounts 41x101
R	Realist Format Plastic (RBT) Mounts
S	Stereo Cameras
S	Supplies - Other
V	View Magic
V	View Master Reel Sets

All prices in U.S. dollars.  Shipping additional.


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