Stereo Slide Mounting Supplies and Jigs

Product Typical Use
Film cutter Realist format cameras, which leave no space between the images, are tricky to cut properly without a film cutter.  This popular dual-format model is value-priced at RMM! 
Light table Please inquire.
Mounting jig for cardboard stereo slide mounts Makes quick work of mounting slides in the Spicer™ precision cardboard slide mounts! Can be adjusted to correct for camera vertical errors. (This model currently out of stock.)
Mylar® tape Mylar® tape (¼") is used for affixing slide chips to the stereo slide mounts.  The 3/8" width is used to seal shut Spicer™ mounts.  Some people use the Mylar® tape instead of ironing their heat-seal mounts, for a "reversible" seal. The 3/8" size is also used when aluminum masks are sealed in glass or in a cardboard foldover.
Silver metalized tape Silver metalized tape is used for masking mounted slides.  Compared to our silver Mylar® tape, it has a thicker base and is more opaque (better at blocking light).  Our black Mylar® tape also does a good job of masking slides.
Tape Dispensers Heavy duty dispensers hold the large (3") core tapes used for slide masking and mounting.  Single roll and dual roll models available.
Budget mounting jig An RBT plastic mount can be modified for use as a quick, low-cost mounting jig for cardboard slide mounts.
Wess mounting tabs The always popular Wess mounting tabs in a handy plastic dispenser.
DrDave's mounting video Let DrDave teach you the great "RBT to Spicer" speedy and accurate mounting technique!  VHS video just $25!

We also have several stereo viewers, archival storage products and the widest variety of stereo slide mounts!

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